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New Country of Origin Law

Nov. 15, 2003

Dear Valued Buyer,

A federal law was passed in May, 2002 requiring that all retailers inform their customers of their fruit and vegetable Country of Origin. All retailers must comply by 30 September, 2006.

Ruiz Sales is ready. Our new Fresh Health™ label meets the Country of Origin labeling requirement and was affixed to all our limes in January, 2004 -- well before your mandatory compliance deadline. You have counted on us for over 35 years to keep abreast of the latest produce news and requirements. We will continue to provide you with quality fruits and vegetables that meet or exceed federal standards.

In addition to providing you with quality produce, dependable deliveries, and award-winning service and performance, Ruiz Sales is a corporation with a conscience. We think it's important to promote a healthy lifestyle. We support organizations such as, "5 A Day, the Color Way" and the Produce for Better Health Foundation, that encourage consumers to eat a healthy diet so they can live longer, healthier lives.

"Eat to live, the Fresh Health way!"™

For over 35 years and counting, it has been our great pleasure serving you and the community,

Richard M. Ruiz

Fresh Health label

Q U I C K    F A C T S

Who? Retailers must inform consumers of where products are coming from (i.e. Mexico, Brazil, etc.)

What? "Covered Commodities" Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Where? Final point of sale, typed and labeled on limes

When? Law passed: May 2002, Mandatory Program effective September 30, 2006

Why? To identify country of origin on fresh fruits and vegetables

How? Sticker covered commodities with country of origin information that fully complies with the federal standards set forth in the statute as interpreted by USDA.

Records: Audit trails

Contact us to order limes with the Fresh Health™ label.


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